DAGMan (Directed Acyclic Graph Manager) is a meta-scheduler for HTCondor. It manages dependencies between jobs at a higher level than the HTCondor Scheduler.

A directed acyclic graph (DAG) can be used to represent a set of programs where the input, output, or execution of one or more programs is dependent on one or more other programs. The programs are nodes (vertices) in the graph, and the edges (arcs) identify the dependencies. HTCondor finds machines for the execution of programs, but it does not schedule programs (jobs) based on dependencies. The Directed Acyclic Graph Manager (DAGMan) is a meta-scheduler for HTCondor jobs. DAGMan submits jobs to HTCondor in an order represented by a DAG and processes the results. An input file defined prior to submission describes the DAG, and a HTCondor submit description file for each program in the DAG is used by HTCondor.

Each node (program) in the DAG needs its own HTCondor submit description file. As DAGMan submits jobs to HTCondor, it uses a single HTCondor log file to enforce the ordering required for the DAG. The DAG itself is defined by the contents of a DAGMan input file. DAGMan is responsible for scheduling, recovery, and reporting for the set of programs submitted to HTCondor.

DAGMan Documentation

HTCondor is fully documented in the HTCondor manual. The DAGMan Workflows section describes DAGMan in great detail.

Downloading DAGMan

DAGMan is part of the HTCondor software, which can be downloaded here.