Condor Version 6.1.15 released!

August 1, 2000

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As our 6.1 development series winds down, we have released 6.1.15 which provides several enhancements, as well as numerous bug fixes, including the fix that avoids the 2.2.14 Linux kernel bug. <p> For complete details, you can read about what’s new in this version. <hr> If you install the Unix version of Condor 6.1.15 into a new pool, you will have ADD the following three lines into your condor_config.local file on your central manger: <pre>DAEMON_LIST = MASTER, COLLECTOR, NEGOTIATOR, STARTD, SCHEDD COLLECTOR = $(SBIN)/condor_collector NEGOTIATOR = $(SBIN)/condor_negotiator</pre> Naturally, if you run fewer things on your central manager, you should take them out of the DAEMON_LIST.