Condor Version 6.1.6 Released

June 1, 1999

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Condor 6.1.6 is now available for download. Version 6.1.6 fixes many serious bugs from 6.1.5. In addition, it provides many new features, including the ability to dynamically reconfigure the number of virtual machines reported by the SMP startd, SMP support for Digital Unix machines and much more. There are still some unresolved problems with Linux running Red Hat 5.2 (LINUX-GLIBC). This platform is not supported in 6.1.6. A 6.1.7 release will follow very soon, which will support Red Hat 5.2. Red Hat 6.0 is NOT SUPPORTED by Condor yet. It uses the new 2.2.X Linux kernel, which is not supported at this time. Like all development releases, this release is INCOMPATIBLE with previous versions of Condor. DO NOT TRY TO USE IT IN A POOL WITH ANY 6.1.5 DAEMONS. For complete details, you can read about what’s new in this version.