HTCondor 8.2.0 released!

June 24, 2014

The HTCondor team is pleased to announce the release of HTCondor 8.2.0. This new version contains: configuration is more powerful with new syntax and features, and the default configuration policy does not preempt jobs, monitoring is enhanced and now integrates with Ganglia, automated detection and management of GPUs, numerous scalability enhancements improve performance, an improved Python API including support for Python 3, new native packaging and ports are available for the latest Linux distributions including Red Hat 7 Beta and Debian 7, cloud computing improvements including support for EC2 spot instances, OpenStack, and condor_ssh_to_job directly into EC2 jobs, grid universe jobs can now target Google Compute Engine and BOINC servers, partitionable slots now are compatible with condor_startd RANK expressions, and consumption policies permit partitionable slots to be split into dynamic slots at negotiation time, improved data management including dynamic adjustment of the level of file transfer concurrency based on disk load, and experimental support to allow the execution of a job to be overlaid with the transfer of output files from the previous different job, and the new condor_sos tool helps administrators manage overloaded daemons. A complete list of bugs fixed can be found in the Version History. HTCondor 8.2.0 binaries and source code are available from our Downloads page.