3.2.6 FreeBSD Ports

A FreeBSD port is available for HTCondor Version 8.2.8. The port is maintained by individuals outside the HTCondor project.

Here is an ordered set of steps that get HTCondor running using the FreeBSD port.

  1. The HTCondor package will automatically add a condor user/group, if it does not exist already. Sites wishing to control the attributes of this user/group should add the condor user/group manually before installation.

  2. Install HTCondor.
      pkg install condor

  3. As needed, edit the HTCondor configuration files to customize. The configuration files are in the directory ${PREFIX}/etc . Do not use condor_configure or condor_install for configuration. The installation will be able to find configuration files without additional administrative intervention, as the configuration files are placed in ${PREFIX}/etc, and HTCondor searches this directory.

  4. Start HTCondor daemons:
      service condor start

The FreeBSD port also installs a convenience script called "condor-config" (with a dash, not an underscore) for editing condor_config.local and restarting the daemons.