Brain Dump Alan De Smet Graphs

The ad hoc tools I created for creating graphs for reports are in /p/condor/home/tools/graphs . It's all Git controlled. Many of the individual sub directories have README files with more details.

california-condors - Manually created graph of California condor population.

citeseer - Attempts to find references, by year, to Miron, HTCondor, and friends in the CiteSeer database.

download-graphs - Graphs of downloads, both via our download script and in the Debian and Yum repos we control. cndrutil's crontab on invokes it. The resulting graphs are visible . The CSV files are probably the most useful part, as the huge spike in usage over the last few years has left the automated graphs hard to use. Also see BrainDumpAlanDeSmetWebDownloadStats for notes about how the Yum/Debian repo data is collected.

git-commits - Information on historic git commits.

gittrac-reports - A bunch of reports based on data from gittrac. Includes lines of code changed per customer/date, tickets by status by date, and a bunch of others.

htcondor-week.txt - Just a pointer to the HTCondor Week attendence spreadsheet at

mailing-lists - Graphs of mailing list traffic. Output visible at

misc/gnuplot2csv - Converts Gnuplot style data files to CSV files that Excel/LibreOffice can read.

version-history - Manually maintained spreadsheet of releases, including dates, version numbers, and number of bugfixes and features (based on manual version history counting). The bugfix and feature numbers have been used for reports. The dates are used for the silly graph on the retrowiki.

bitrot - Graphs that haven't been used in a while, did not immediately work when I tried them, and didn't seem worth the time to immediately resuscitate.

bitrot/condor-world-info/ - Measures version of HTCondor in the wild.

bitrot/deployment/ - Measures versions of HTCondor in the wild.

bitrot/doc-size/ - Tool for measuring the size of the documentation over time. Still assumes CVS

bitrot/lines-of-code/ - Crude tool for counting lines of code.

bitrot/package-sizer - One off tool for generating a report on package sizes over time.

bitrot/rust-stats/ - Stats on Rust usage.

bitrot/rust-stats-2/ - Stats on Rust usage. Incomplete.

bitrot/test-counts/ - Historical info on number of tests.

bitrot/world-graph/ - Historic counts of number of sites and slots in world collector.

bitrot/world-map-users/ - Report on domains (and implicitly country of origin) of pools in world collector.