Building On Devuan

The packaged version of HTCondor in Devuan 2.0.0 (ASCII) is 8.4.11.

For a proper build of 8.9.x, you'll need a large number of external libraries. Generally speaking, you can just keep running the build and installing the obvious packages (usually but not alway lib<name>-dev ). To aid in this process, search build/packaging/new-debian/control for the Build-Depends ; some of them are obsolete or apply only when building the manual (latex2html), others only if you're building packages (debhelper).

I use the following script to run cmake. Building with VOMS is broken on Debian, so I didn't even try it for Devuan. Since Devuan is mostly Debian, it was easiest to set the SYSTEM_NAME to Debian and then correct the PLATFORM_STRING and the names of Boost's Python libraries.

Feel free to change _DEBUG , _VERBOSE , and CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX .

cmake \
    -DPLATFORM:STRING=x86_64-Devuan-2 \
    -DPYTHON_BOOST_LIB:STRING=boost_python27 \
    -DPYTHON3_BOOST_LIB:STRING=boost_python35 \