Debian Packaging Meeting Notes

HTCondor In Debian - Meeting Notes

2012 January 17 (Tuesday), 1:15 p.m.

Attending: Tim Cartwright, Ian Alderman, Jaime Frey, Michael Hanke (+49 345 685 6254)

Meeting Plan

  • Review CHTC Tickets
  • Review other outstanding patches from Michael
  • What else remains before initial submission?

Next Actions

Jaime Frey
  • Get access to Michael's git branch and review files
  • #2134 Check with Development team, push for 7.7 release
  • #2138 Check with Development team; decide whether to make conditional or drop
  • #2140 Check with Development team; decide whether to copy files or symlink
  • #2141 Look into PostgreSQL dependency in main code
  • Create gittrac ticket for condor-run patch
  • Check with Red Hat folks about building against gSOAP 2.8
  • Create a ticket about man pages (see below)
  • Look into what has been done about qsub and friends on CHTC team

Michael Hanke

  • #2137 Confirm that HTCondor source code is acceptable now (report to ticket)
  • Verify that HTCondor source code change for /var/run on tempfs is adequate
  • List debconf questions (exact text), in order, and their consequences
  • Email summary of build problems on Ubuntu to Jaime and Ian (CC Tim)

Existing CHTC gittrac Tickets

Parent ticket is #2058 .

Ticket #2132 : Using shared libraries

  • DONE!

Ticket #2133 : Modify init script to handle paths

  • Still in progress
  • Michael still has 2 small patches to initscript.debian (see below)

Interlude - Brief Overview of Michael's Status

  • All of Michael's work is in a debian subdirectory, could easily be incorporated
  • Jaime will review Michael's files via git

Back to Tickets

Ticket #2134 : Disable GT4 GAHP for Debian
  • Why? Because it uses prebuilt JAR files without building from source
  • HTCondor is thinking of dropping all support for WS-GRAM anyway
  • Important users already say OK
  • Jaime will confirm once more, then do it, could still make 7.7
  • Or else, can be made conditional, default to turned off

Ticket #2135 : Use sysapi symbols as plain C

  • DONE!

Ticket #2136 : gcc 4.5, SOAP, const type mismatch

  • DONE!
  • Michael says that there is a compilation problem with gSOAP 2.8 (see below)

Ticket #2137 : Add dependency on remotefs to init script

  • One of Michael's still existing patches
  • Done?

Ticket #2138 : Disable scimark benchmark tool (JAR file)

  • Source is available, but project appears to be dead
  • Could make a conditional part of build
  • Development team may consider whether to keep at all

Ticket #2139 : Duplicate symbol names

  • DONE!

Ticket #2140 : Make symlinks to binaries instead of hardlinks

  • Still open
  • Michael: It's a one-line patch to make symlinks instead of hard links; seems to work fine
  • Could either do symlinks or simply copy binaries outright
  • Jaime: Check with Development team, respond back to ticket

Ticket #2141 : Various includes need to change if PostgreSQL is used

  • In theory, only needed by Quill, but there is still a dependency in the main code
  • libpq-dev is still needed
  • Jaime will explore

Outstanding Items From Michael

Patch against condor-run, may be in source code already
  • Adds two attributes to submit file generated by condor-run
  • Jaime will create ticket for this
  • History: Michael wrote to user mailing list, Jaime replied with patch

Link all libraries with rpath pointing to HTCondor lib location /usr/lib/condor

  • Jaime: should be setting runpath (not rpath), which is used after ldd, not before
  • However, looks like an rpath setting in cmake files
  • Michael: Old patch is still there, but perhaps does not apply
  • Agreed -- RESOLVED! :-)

sshtojob template: change path to a libexec file

  • Will need to keep patch for Debian, but where?

Init script patch 1: /var/run on tempfs

  • Jaime already added something similar to main branch; 7.6.6 & 7.7.5

Init script patch 2: lsb header, lacking dependency on remotefs

  • Michael will try to add patch to ticket
  • If that does not work, Jaime will add it

Other JAR files

  • Jaime: There are some in HTCondor-G support for unicore via JAR file
  • Could be made conditional by default
  • Jaime: HTCondor Java universek
  • Would have to disable all of Java universe
  • Michael may have some work on this issue already
  • Not needed for initial submission


  • Michael: Current in Debian unstable is gSOAP 2.8, HTCondor does not compile against it
  • HTCondor external is gSOAP 2.7
  • Jaime: Red Hat guys may have tried 2.8, will ask them
  • Not important for an initial submission

Michael’s List of Pending Things from 4 January

debconf interface: ready for contribution
  • Questions like: Do you want to run HTCondor? Where to run HTCondor (def. /var)? OK to send usage stats (def. no)?
  • Or, could pick one configuration from a pre-defined list
  • Michael will supply us with the list of questions in order and their consequences

Package no longer builds on latest Ubuntu releases

  • Appears to be something with EC2
  • Michael will email summary to Jaime and Ian; Jaime will create ticket

man Pages

  • They look awful, lots of typographic mistakes
  • Has to do with conversion process
  • Ian may have something to contribute here
  • Would be best to include raw man page source in source package, plus tool to create them
  • File a ticket!

Minor thing 1: DMTCP script from Pete, installed in right places

  • Could be done as a separate package, but where to store source, etc?

Minor thing 2: SGE replacement; MIH wrote condor_qsub; has ticket

  • Could be done as a separate package, but where to store source, etc?
  • Need to figure out what has been done already on CHTC team

Longer Term

How to move away from cpack to real, unified Debian source package?