Full Port Log Debian Eight

I installed uuid-dev , libkrb5-dev (may be optional in the future, once Jaime fixes the build to use its own Globus), gcc-4.8 (not, I don't know why glibc doesn't like 4.9, either), gawk , texinfo , and gcc-multilib .

Debian 8 uses the same glibc version as Ubuntu. It would probably be marginally more likely to be compatible to use Debian's version on Ubuntu rather than vice-versa, but since everything tested OK I'm not going to worry about it.

Reminder: you need to activate the (64-bit only) "LIGO" test specifically for each platform in the condor_tests directory.

This port was performed against a pre-release version of Debian 8; our scripts recognize it as "Debian-" or "x86_64_Debian0" instead of "Debian-8" or "x86_64_Debian8"; we should probably remove the former when we upgrade the build machine to the full release. See the commit message for files with the screwy names.