Full Port Log Debian Six Sixty Four Bit

This is a record of the work necessary to perform a full port of HTCondor to Debian 6 x86_64.

Perform a clipped port

Do whatever is necessary to make this happen.

Preparation of a new glibc external

Locate and see how glibc builds

We must locate the glibc revision that comes standard with the platform. This is different than locating the "official" glibc release since which is distro independent. It turns out each linux distro patches glibc according to its wishes and we need to preserve those patches. Historically, the is enough difference between the x86 and x86_64 patches or builds that the same external CANNOT be used for both. It is very time intensive to discover if a vendor patched glibc source tree can be built/run properly on the another architecture.

1. Find the glibc source rpm associated with Deb 6 x86_64.

  apt-get source libc6

2. Prepare it so the patches are produced saving the output:

  # In my case, it was 2.11.2
  cd eglibc-2.11.2
  debian/rules patch

3. Save the resulting tarball:

  cd ..
  cp -Rp eglibc-2.11.2 glibc-2.11.2-10-x86_64
  tar czf glibc-2.11.2-10-x86_64.tar.gz glibc-2.11.2-10-x86_64

4. Now, build the glibc source package in order to find out how it is being configured. The purpose of this is we have to compile glibc the same way in our externals. Or at least as close as we can get it. We intend to discover the configure line which builds glibc itself. You will likely have to edit the configure flags to be a good set.

  cd eglibc-2.11.2
  debian/rules build |& tee build.out

The package gcc-multilib needs to be installed to compile glibc from the distro source. This is because it also compiles the 32 bit versions.

Create the glibc external

0. Figure out how cmake detects the GLIBC_VERSION variable, make sure it is right.

1. Edit CMakeLists.txt to add a new case for the detected GLIBC_VERSION. Ensure no conflicts with previous version numbers happen. Fill it in similarly to the last recent one, taking into consideration the new configure flags determined by inspection of build.out from the previous step. You may need to comment out the GLIBC_PATCH step for now.

2. Create a directory in the externals based upon the name of the GLIBC_VERSION. Your future patches, if any, go here.

3. Place the required tarball into /p/condor/repository/externals, ensure it has permissions of 644.

4. Test build it with 'make glibc' after the build has been configured.

Patch glibc so it honors --enable-static-nss & other features specific to us

In the Debian 5 port of HTCondor, we had patched glibc to make --enable-static-nss function and also turned off the ncsd support. This is because we needed a truely static binary, and the ncsd socket was kept permanently open which defered checkpointing permanently.

So, we need to determine how much of this is still true and still needs patching in the new glibc.

1. It turns out the patchfile to enable static nss from glibc external 2.7-18 works for the deb6 glibc.

2. TODO I haven't yet tested the nscd patch

3. TODO Add a patch which removes the warning about using nss function in statically linked executables. It sucks and just causes rust.

Check glibc external build

Ok, now we have to inspect the produced libraries and ensure that we are shipping everything we should be shipping. This include libc.a and a pile of resolver libraries like libnss_files.a, libnss_dns.a, and libresolv.a. Since glibc is an evolving library, these names may change or there might be additional libraries to ship along with it. So some of the above steps may be redone upon future knowledge discovery.

Start a build of HTCondor and see what breaks. Fix incrementally.

Ok, lots of stuff broke. The gist of what broke (prototypes being different, etc) looks to be because wherever we had GLIBC212 as a preprocessor check we likely also need GLIBC211. I need to check to see if the GLIBC211 behavior still applies to GLIBC212.

1. GLIBC211 addition steps: Every place I found a reference to GLIBC212, I checked to see if it was valid on GLIBC212 and added GLIBC211 if it was.

Oh, it franks. That's quicker than I thought. Meh, onward ho.

Fixing the Test Suite so it builds

Due to my changes for the Deb 6 x86_64 port, it seems I need to make no other changes.

Running the test suite and seeing what breaks

You must build in source for the test suite to function.

# First we test just standard universe.

./batch_test -b -c -f list_stduniv -d .

job_ckpt_standalone_std seemed to have failed, but the actual activity the test is doing is ok. I think there is a bug in our runcmd() implementation. I looked, and I can't find a bug, well, to tell you the truth, I found a few bugs simply by code inspection and fixed them, but they weren't the ones which caused runcmd() to get confused. It just appears that perl's waitpid() just does something stupid.

# Then we remake everything and test the rest too.

./batch_test -b -c -d .

Test Suite Passes. Code complete

Commit and push.