Neos Develop

Git Repository


NOES Server [Path: NEOS]

    • [optional] generate source tar file from cvs, need to change to git
      • Only one user used this feature

    • contains hard code path to neos website ????

NOES Solvers [Path: SolverTools]

  • What need to be done after register a solver
    • will automatically generate new html pages.
    • matching categories must be found in the database (insert by hand)

NOES Portal [Path: WebTemplate]

  • Installation.html
    • static link to Neos source tar files - rethink how we going to redistribute the sources
    • may remove this feature

  • faq.html
    • static link to many documentation - obtains these document and put them in to neos FTP

  • solverCreator.cgi,registerSovler.cgi
    • Write example XML file to single file, not thread safe
    • [FIXED] Use NeosSolver to validate XML file instead of Java

  • admin/
    • [optional] use .htaccess to lock, may need to think about new mechanism
    • admin pages are no longer used


  • Cannot register solver
    • [FIXED] NeosServer cannot bind port 3332, have to use higher port

  • email interface?
    • There is a python script that pull email. Need to hook this script to HTCondor cron or other mechanism

  • Categories
    • Must be inserted by hand