Nmi Build Older Release

When The Old Way Fails

Here is a situation which showed up while trying to build 6.8.2 when we were on 7.2.1 and 7.3.0. The build using current tools and GIT worked fine except that globus.4.0.3 as of that time was a corrupted tar ball. To build I needed to construct a working set of code and then do a workspace build in NMI. I needed newer tools to get the workspace build option. This is what ended up working:

  • Construct the sources you need to build in a workspace on the current NMI build host.
  • Place the latest NMI tools into the workspace from the master(nmi_tools)
  • Massage the NMI glue(nmi_glue) by taking nmi_glue/build/platform_post which matches the current NMI tools and placing this in the old nmi_glue.
  • CD into the nmi_tools folder
  • ./condor_nmi_submit --build --desc="Requested 6.8.2 build" --workspace=../ --platforms=x86_rhas_3,x86_64_rhas_3