Qmf Suite

Module Description

The Qpid Management Framework (QMF) is a distributed object management framework that uses Apache Qpid for its transport. It provides code-generation tools to render native language binding types and objects for C++, Python, and Ruby from XML schema definitions. That code is then linked to runtime libraries for client-agent integration mediated by a Qpid broker.

This contribution is a set of pluggable modules plus a daemon that are used for:

  • start and stop of daemons
  • job submission and control (submit, set attribute, hold, release, remove)
  • queries of live and historical job data and output files
  • get/set of of stats, priorities and limits from the negotiator
  • collector stats for job counts (running, edle, etc.)
  • submitters stats
  • slot statistics and properties

Currently, this code base has external dependencies on:

  • Apache Qpid 0.8-4
  • Boost C++ libraries (1.39 or higher)


The module is contained in the HTCondor source tree in src/condor_contrib/mgmt as of HTCondor 7.5.5.


The contact person for this module is: Peter MacKinnon (pmackinn@redhat.com), Red Hat Inc.


More information about this module can be found on https://cwiki.apache.org/qpid/qpid-management-framework.html


This module is released under the Apache License.