Qmf Triggerd

Module Description

The Qpid Management Framework (QMF) is a distributed object management framewor k that uses Apache Qpid for its transport. It provides code-generation tools to render native language binding types and objects for C++, Python, and Ruby from XML schema definitions. That code is then linked to runtime libraries for client-agent integration mediated by a Qpid broker.

This contribution is a daemon that raises QMF Events based upon user defined ClassAd queries. The Triggerd asks the Collector if any ClassAds match the specific query, and then processes the results and raises events. A trigger definition contains 3 elements:

The QMF Events raised by the condor_triggerd contain two arguments:

  • The time the event was raised
  • The event text

The event text can contain attributes from the matching ClassAd by surrounding the attribute with $(). If there was a trigger with text:

$(Machine) has been Claimed/Idle

Then the $(Machine) would be replaced with the value for the attribute Machine from the matching ClassAd .

Currently, this code base has external dependencies on:

  • Apache Qpid 0.8-4


The module is contained in the HTCondor source tree in src/condor_contrib/triggerd as of HTCondor 7.5.5.


The contact person for this module is: Rob Rati (rrati@redhat.com), Red Hat Inc.


For more information about this module, please refer to: https://cwiki.apache.org/qpid/qpid-management-framework.html


This module is released under the Apache License.