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FAQs asked via RUST

Can I have a job? And other questions about employment.

General information about HTCondor jobs is here. Just about all other questions should go to (which is read by Sarah, Hallie, Todd T., Greg, Alain, and Tim as of April 7, 2009).

Can I buy support?


If they're not sure about what we can offer or have other questions, assign the ticket to tannenba.

If they're ready to buy, reply and introduce them to Virginia Werner ( who handles that end. You can't assign Ginny tickets, so they'll have to correspond directly.

Can I have access to the source?

Sure! It's on the download page for 7.0.0 and later!

If they want something earlier than 7.0.0, we only release that on a case by case basis, and the default answer is no. They'll need a good reason why they need it, and why the current 7.0.x release's source isn't good enough. They'll also need be someone reputable. Someone from a university or other research institution is more likely to get the source than someone from a big company, but they're more likely to get it than some random person with no particular affiliation.

If you think they're reputable, ask them to not redistribute the pre-7.0.0 source and to keep it reasonably safe. If they agree, start the process of getting them access. Add a comment to the ticket noting that you think they deserve access (" acta 12345 --comment ") then assign it to Todd T. (" assigna 12345 tannenba ").

Can I contribute/offer patches?

Assuming they seem like reasonable people, the answer is yes.

Here is an example reply you can use as a basis:

    Yes, we are happy to accept patches, though we may modify or choose not to use some.

    If you just want to hand over the patches and not have to think any more about them, you can just email them to along with the bug reports.

    If instead you'd like to be involved in the discussions and generally with our development, you can use our CVSTrac system (a sort of wiki/bug tracker hybrid) at . As an anonymous user, you can peruse the wiki documentation there. We can also give you a CVSTrac account, which will allow you to submit new bugs, attach patches, and be involved in the discussion. Indeed, you would be able to see all of our bugs and much of our discussion on other matters if you're curious. If you're interested in this route, let me know what username you would like and I can set you up.

If they want a CVSTrac account, just add them . Give them default permissions of "jknoprw" (Read-Wiki, Wiki, New, Check-out, Password, Read, Write.). If they want to contribute directly, add "i" for Check-in.

Can I have a UW-CS login account?

You should only get this sort of request for existing collaborators. Some team member should know the user and be able to confirm that the request is legit. Assuming it is, that team member should assign the ticket to Ken Hahn (" assigna 12345 khahn "). Be sure to let Ken know which staff member can vouch for the external user; he needs to know who to ask about potential issues.