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Packages that use Expr.Env
condor.classad Java implementation of Condor "Classified Advertisements".  

Uses of Expr.Env in condor.classad

Methods in condor.classad with parameters of type Expr.Env
protected  Expr FuncCall.eval1(Expr.Env env)
          Evaluate this Expr.
protected  Expr SubscriptExpr.eval1(Expr.Env env)
          Evaluate this Expr.
protected  Expr SelectExpr.eval1(Expr.Env env)
          Evaluate this Expr.
 Expr RecordExpr.lookup(AttrName name, Expr.Env env)
          Find the attribute with the given name in this RecordExpr or one of its ancestors.
protected  Expr RecordExpr.eval1(Expr.Env env)
          Evaluate this Expr.
protected  Expr Op.eval1(Expr.Env env)
          Evaluate this Expr.
protected  Expr ListExpr.eval1(Expr.Env env)
          Evaluate this Expr.
protected abstract  Expr Expr.eval1(Expr.Env env)
          Evaluate this Expr.
 Expr Expr.eval(Expr.Env env)
          Evaluate this Expr in a given environment.
protected  Expr Constant.eval1(Expr.Env env)
          Evaluates this Expr.
protected  Expr CondExpr.eval1(Expr.Env env)
          Evaluate this Expr.
protected  Expr AttrRef.eval1(Expr.Env env)
          Evaluate this Expr.

Constructors in condor.classad with parameters of type Expr.Env
Expr.Env(RecordExpr recEx, Expr.Env next)
          Construct a new Env from its components.
Expr.Env(Expr.Env env)
          Create a "clone" of a given Env.