HTCondor Week 2018 Summary


HTCondor User Tutorial

Speaker(s): Christina Koch ( UW-Madison CHTC ) Workflows with HTCondor’s DAGMan

Speaker(s): Lauren Michael ( UW-Madison CHTC ) Tutorial: HTCondor Python Bindings

Speaker(s): Brian Bockelman ( University of Nebraska-Lincoln ) Tutorial: Administrating HTCondor

Speaker(s): Greg Thain ( UW-Madison CHTC ) Tutorial: How to submit jobs and where to find them

Speaker(s): John Knoeller ( UW-Madison CHTC ) PU! Setting up parallel universe in your pool and when (not!) to use it

Speaker(s): Jason Patton ( UW-Madison CHTC ) Negotiator Policy and Configuration

Speaker(s): Greg Thain ( UW-Madison CHTC )


Welcome to HTCondor Week

Speaker(s): Miron Livny ( UW-Madison CHTC ) What's new in HTCondor? What is upcoming?

Speaker(s): Todd Tannenbaum ( UW-Madison CHTC ) HTCondor at CERN: Status and outlook

Speaker(s): Helge Meinhard ( CERN ) The SciTokens Authorization Model: JSON Web Tokens & OAuth

Speaker(s): Brian Bockelman ( University of Nebraska-Lincoln ) Jim Basney ( NCSA ) HTCondor with KRB/AFS at DESY interactive batch farm

Speaker(s): Christoph Beyer ( Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron ) Zach Miller ( UW Madison ) Securing flocking with Docker

Speaker(s): Kevin Hrpcek ( UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center ) Using HTCondor and Singularity to run GPU jobs on the Titan Supercomputer

Speaker(s): Vladimir Brik ( UW-Madison WIPAC ) Improving the Scheduling Efficiency and Scalability of a Global Multi-core HTCondor Pool in CMS

Speaker(s): James Letts ( UCSD Physics ) Prioritizing vanilla and grid jobs from local users on a Tier-3 condor cluster

Speaker(s): Kenyi Hurtado Anampa ( University of Notre Dame ) HTCondor Annex: Elasticity into the public cloud

Speaker(s): Todd Miller ( UW-Madison CHTC ) HTCondor for machine learning in biology

Speaker(s): Anthony Gitter ( UW-Madison; Morgridge Institute for Research ) Amazon Web Services with HTCondor

Speaker(s): Sanjay Padhi ( Amazon Web Services ) Pegasus + HTCondor DAGMan: Expanding Scientific Workflows Horizons

Speaker(s): Karan Vahi ( Pegasus - Team USC Information Sciences Institute ) Tuesday Closing Remarks

Speaker(s): Miron Livny ( UW-Madison CHTC ) Social at the Memorial Union Terrace Sponsored by Google Cloud

Please Join Us for a Social at the Memorial Union Terrace, 6 - 8 pm. Gift card for dinner and drinks courtesy of Google Cloud.

Speaker(s): HTCondor Team ( University of Wisconsin-Madison )


Probabilistic Simulation of Knee Contact and Ligament Loading using HTCondor

Speaker(s): Darryl Thelen ( UW-Madison Mechanical Engineering ) Joshua Roth ( UW-Madison Mechanical Engineering ) Using HTCondor to Calibrate and Archive HST and JWST Data

Speaker(s): Matthew Burger ( Space Telescope Science Institute ) HTCondor and VC3: Virtual Clusters for Community Computation

Speaker(s): Ben Tovar ( University of Notre Dame ) Migrate and run HTCondor job to SLURM cluster via container

Speaker(s): Jingyan Shi ( Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) ) Automatic for the People: Containers for LIGO software development on the Open Science Grid and other diverse computing resources

Speaker(s): Thomas Downes ( University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee ) Using Random Walk Monte Carlo to Measure Microstructure in Lung

Speaker(s): Annelise Malkus ( UW-Madison Department of Medical Physics ) Changing Compute Landscape at Brookhaven

Speaker(s): William Strecker-Kellogg ( Brookhaven National Lab ) Migrating INFN-T1 to HTCondor

Speaker(s): Stefano Dal Pra ( INFN-CNAF ) Docker with HTCondor at FNAL

Speaker(s): Anthony Tiradani ( Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory ) Managing Caffe Machine Learning Jobs with HTCondor

Speaker(s): Michael Pelletier ( Raytheon ) HTCondor at an Animation Studio

Speaker(s): Collin Mehring ( Dreamworks Animation ) HTCondor in KBase - The DOE Systems Biology Knowledgebase

Speaker(s): Boris Sadkhin ( Argonne Lab ) Daniel Murphy-Olson ( Argonne Lab ) Steve Chan ( Lawrence Berkeley Lab ) Challenges of Containerization in the distributed computing environment

Speaker(s): Marco Mambelli ( Fermilab ) The Octopus Scarf

Speaker(s): James Adams ( STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory ) Late materialization has partially materialized

Speaker(s): John Knoeller ( UW-Madison CHTC ) Wednesday Closing Remarks

Speaker(s): Miron Livny ( UW-Madison CHTC )


Research Computing Facilitation at CHTC

Speaker(s): Lauren Michael ( UW-Madison CHTC ) Python: Swiss-Army Glue

Speaker(s): Josh Karpel ( UW-Madison Department of Physics ) Using a process-based forest simulation model to study effects of climate change on wildfire and forests in the western US

Speaker(s): Winslow Hansen ( UW-Madison Department of Integrative Biology ) UW-Madison HTCondor InSAR Workflow: Distributed computing for bulk processing of interferometric synthetic aperture radar data

Speaker(s): Elena Reinisch ( UW-Madison Department of Geoscience ) HTCondor in your backyard: modeling urban residential hydrology

Speaker(s): Carolyn Voter ( UW-Madison Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering ) Simulating Disordered Spin Systems for Quantum Computing using HTCondor

Speaker(s): A. Barış Özgüler ( UW-Madison Department of Physics ) Landsat Image Time Series Processing using HTCondor on UW-CHTC and OSG Resources

Speaker(s): Matthew Garcia ( UW-Madison Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology ) High-Throughput Machine Learning from Electronic Health Records

Speaker(s): Ross Kleiman ( UW-Madison Department of Computer Sciences ) Thursday Closing Remarks

Speaker(s): Miron Livny ( UW-Madison CHTC )