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10.9.0 Feature Release

September 28, 2023

  • The condor_upgrade_check script now provides guidance on updating to 23.0
  • The htchirp Python binding now properly locates the chirp configuration
  • Fix bug that prevented deletion of HTCondor passwords on Windows

Feature releases distribute HTCondor's new features and also incorporates bug fixes. Most people should use choose this channel and stay up-to-date with HTCondor's latest features.

Consultation of the Detailed Notes recommended prior to upgrading.

23.0.0 Long Term Support Release

September 30, 2023

  • Absent slot configuration, execution points will use a partitionable slot
  • Linux cgroups enforce maximum memory utilization by default
  • Can now define DAGMan save points to be able to rerun DAGs from there
  • Much better control over environment variables when using DAGMan
  • Administrators can enable and disable job submission for a specific user
  • Can set a minimum number of CPUs allocated to a user
  • condor_status -gpus shows nodes with GPUs and the GPU properties
  • condor_status -compact shows a row for each slot type
  • Container images may now be transferred via a file transfer plugin
  • Support for Enterprise Linux 9, Amazon Linux 2023, and Debian 12
  • Can write job information in AP history file for every execution attempt
  • Can run defrag daemons with different policies on distinct sets of nodes
  • Add condor_test_token tool to generate a short lived SciToken for testing
  • The job’s executable is no longer renamed to ‘condor_exec.exe’

Long Term Support (LTS) releases only bug fixes to a particular, fixed set of features from the current LTS channel. As a result, each LTS channel tends to become more stable over time; read the release notes from the current channel to make sure you aren't missing any features you need.

If you can't regularly upgrade your machines, this may be the channel for you.

Periodically, we will update the set of features that we support with bug fixes and start a new LTS channel. This will not the change the set of features available to an existing or automatically-updated installation of a LTS channel; you have to make the decision to change manually. However, after a time, we will stop issuing additional bug fixes for older LTS channels.

Consultation of the Detailed Notes recommended prior to upgrading.