Feature Channel (Previously Current Channel)

Channel Details

The current channel distributes HTCondor-CE's new features and also incorporates bug fixes.

Most people should use choose this channel and stay up-to-date with HTCondor-CE's latest features.

Installation Guide

Get HTCondor-CE ( Current Channel )

Long Term Support (LTS) Channel

Channel Details

The Long Term Support channels distribute only bug fixes to a particular, fixed set of features from the current channel. As a result, each LTS channel tends to become more stable over time; read the release notes from the current channel to make sure you aren't missing any features you need.

If you can't regularly upgrade your machines, this may be the channel for you.

Periodically, we will update the set of features that we support with bug fixes and start a new LTS channel. This will not the change the set of features available to an existing or automatically-updated installation of a LTS channel; you have to make the decision to change manually. However, after a time, we will stop issuing additional bug fixes for older LTS channels.

The following link always goes to the instructions for the newest LTS channel.

Installation Guide

Get HTCondor-CE ( LTS Channel )

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