Install Instructions

This page is deprecated, visit the HTCondor download page for updated instructions.

HTCondor is in the Debian and Ubuntu repositories as well as Enterprise Linux’s EPEL, but these versions may lag behind our current releases. If you want a newer version, please consider using one of our repositories installed via your package manager.

We have repositories for the current and previous versions of Enterprise Linux, Debian, and Ubuntu LTS and each distribution will have 3 release series available: Development, Stable, and Previous. If you're unsure which one to choose, go with stable series.

The main package (condor on Enterprise Linux systems, htcondor on Debian/Ubuntu system) needs to be configured before running HTCondor. There is a minicondor package (minihtcondor on Debian/Ubuntu) that configures HTCondor to run on a single node.

Except for EL6, we only support 64-bit Intel architectures.

Enterprise Linux



HTCondor documentation and manuals may be downloaded, or viewed online from the HTCondor Manual.