This page is deprecated, visit the HTCondor download page for updated instructions.

Install Instructions

EL6 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, CentOS 6, Scientific Linux 6)

  1. Setup the repository
    1. Import the signing key
      # wget
      # rpm --import RPM-GPG-KEY-HTCondor
    2. Get the repository file
      # cd /etc/yum.repos.d
      # wget
      NOTE: if you have the EPEL repository enabled, add exclude=condor* to the EPEL repo file
  2. Install HTCondor
    # yum install condor # or minicondor
  3. Start it running
    # chkconfig condor on
    # service condor start
  4. Check that it is running
    $ ps ax | grep condor

Instructions on how to install other Linux distributions can be found on the Install Instructions page.