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A Long-Awaited Reunion: HTCondor Week 2022 in Photos

June 1, 2022
Collage of photos from HTCondor Week 2022
Images courtesy of Jeffrey Peterson and Jaime Frey

HTCondor Week 2022 featured over 40 exciting talks, tutorials, and research spotlights focused on the HTCondor Software Suite (HTCSS). Sixty-three attendees reunited in Madison, Wisconsin for the long-awaited in-person meeting, and 111 followed the action virtually on Zoom. Continue scrolling for a visual recap of the exciting week.

HTCondor Week attendees talking in the Fluno lobby
Image courtesy of Jeffrey Peterson

To kick off the day, staff and attendees gather in the Fluno Lobby –– where there’s no shortage of coffee, snacks, or conversation.

Miron Livny looks back at his presentation slide, which welcomes attendees from different timezones.
Image courtesy of Jeffrey Peterson

Miron Livny welcomes participants to HTCondor Week. In-person participants traveled from Illinois, Nebraska, and even Amsterdam. Those who tuned in virtually represented seven different countries.

Eric Wilcots speaking
Image courtesy of Jeffrey Peterson

Eric Wilcots, Dean of the College of Letters & Science and the Mary C. Jacoby Professor of Astronomy at UW-Madison, delivered an inspiring keynote talk on the impact that high-throughput computing will bring on the future discoveries about our universe.

HTCondor Week Attendees gathered on their bikes, smiling for a picture
Image courtesy of Jaime Frey

To wrap up the first day of HTCondor Week, staff and attendees embarked on a bike ride around Madison.

Justin Hiemstra presenting
Image courtesy of Jeffrey Peterson

Justin Hiemstra, a Machine Learning Application Specialist for CHTC’s GPU Lab, describes the testing suite he developed to test for compatibility across ML frameworks and various GPU models in CHTC’s local HTC pool.

Emile listening to a presentation
Image courtesy of Jeffrey Peterson

Emile Turatsinze, a systems administrator at the Morgridge Institute for Research, thoughtfully listens to a talk from Saqib Haleem about the CMS project’s transition to token-based authentication.

HTCondor Week attendees gathered around a large table at the terrace
Image courtesy of Jeffrey Peterson

HTCondor Week staff and participants enjoy cold pitchers and tasty food on the Wisconsin Union Terrace during an evening sponsored by Google Cloud.

Yudhajit Pal presenting
Image courtesy of Jeffrey Peterson

Yudhajit Pal, a member of the Schmidt research group in UW-Madison’s Department of Chemistry, briefly pauses while explaining how he used HTCSS-enabled machine learning to probe photoexcitation of iridium complexes.

Brian holding a microphone
Image courtesy of Jeffrey Peterson

Brian Bockelman poses a question during the Q&A period following Sam Gelman’s presentation on using HTCSS for high-throughput molecular simulations of the protein sequence-function relationship.

Lauren Michael and Rafael Ferreira conversing
Image courtesy of Jeffrey Peterson

Lively discussions filled the Fluno Auditorium between sessions. Pictured above are CHTC Research Computing Facilitator Lauren Michael and Ph.D. Candidate Rafael Ferreira of UW-Madison’s Department of Animal and Dairy Sciences.

Todd Tannenbaum, Mary Hester, Brian Bockelman, and Miron Livny standing outside smiling
Image courtesy of Jeffrey Peterson

Todd Tannenbaum, Mary Hester, Brian Bockelman, and Miron Livny get some fresh air between talks.

Miron Livny speaking with the Audience in the foreground
Image courtesy of Jeffrey Peterson

Miron Livny expresses closing remarks as the week comes to a close. Thank you to all who participated in HTCondor Week 2022. We hope to see you next year!

Watch all of the HTCondor Week 2022 video recordings and browse the presentation slides on the HTCondor website material’s page, and access all materials from past meetings on our website.