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Condor Week 2007 Concludes

May 3, 2007

After four days of presentations, tutorials, and discussion sessions, Condor Week 2007 came to a close. Red Hat presented plans to integrate Condor into Red Hat and Fedora distributions, and to provide enterprise-level support for Condor installations. Government labs reported results from their deployment efforts over the past year; for example, a production Condor installation at Brookhaven National Labs consisting of over 4800 machines ran 2.8 million jobs in the past 3 months, delivering 6.2 million wallclock hours to over 400 scientists. IBM reported on an ongoing project to bring Condor and Blue Gene technologies together, in order to enable High Throughput style computing on IBM’s popular Blue Gene supercomputer. The Condor Team reported on the scalability enhancements in the Condor 6.9 development series. Check out the 35+ presentations delivered this week.