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Speaker line-up for HTCondor Week 2022 announced

May 9, 2022

HTCondor Week is our annual HTCondor user conference, which provides attendees the opportunity to participate in tutorials and talks from HTCondor developers, meet other users, and attend social events. HTCondor Week 2022 is a hybrid event: we are hosting an in-person meeting at the Fluno Center on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, and will also be broadcasting the event online over Zoom.

The registration deadline for in-person attendee is May 10, 2022, and the cost is $90 per day. For virtual-only attendance, registration is a flat $25 fee for the whole week with a deadline of May 23, 2022. You can register on the registration page.

We will have a variety of in-depth tutorials and talks where you can learn more about HTCondor and how other people are using and deploying it. Browse the summary of the schedule below, or view a more detailed version of the schedule on the event site.

Monday (3/23)

  • HTCondor User Tutorial – Christina Koch
  • Organizing and Submitting HTC Workloads – Christina Koch
  • Workflows with HTCondor’s DAGMan – Lauren Michael
  • HTCondor Python Bindings Tutorial – Jason Patton
  • Introduction and Pointers to Other Resources – Greg Thain
  • SciTokens Hands-on Tutorial – Brian Bockelman
  • What GPUs look like to HTCondor – John Knoeller
  • Securing an Installation with IDTokens – Todd Tannenbaum
  • Self-Checkpointing Jobs – Todd Miller
  • Understand the HTCondor Config System – John Knoeller

Tuesday (3/24)

  • Welcome to HTCondor Week – Miron Livny
  • Keynote Address: Radio Astronomy High Throughput Computing – Eric Wilcotts
  • Using dHTC to Extend the HPC Cluster at IHEP – Xiaowei Jiang
  • Feeding TOFU to a Condor: Trust and Authorization Changes in HTCSS – Brian Bockelman
  • Managing a Dynamic Pool for CMS – Marco Mascheroni
  • Transition to Tokens: The CMS Experience – Saqib Haleem
  • Using Hashicorp Vault with HTCondor for Oauth Credentials in Jobs – Dave Dykstra
  • How LIGO Analysis is Using HTCondor – Cody Messick
  • HEPCloud: Provisioning Heterogeneous Resources Using GlideinWMS and HTCondor – Marco Mambelli
  • Dynamic Installation of CVMFS Using Glideins – Namratha Urs and Marco Mambelli
  • nraorsync: A Useful Custom File Transfer Plugin – K. Scott Rowe
  • Testing GPU/ML Framework Compatibility – Justin Hiemstra
  • What’s New in HTCSS? What’s Coming Up? – Todd Tannenbaum
  • Exploring the use of containerized HTC workloads for running HL-LHC analysis on HPC centers – Acosta Maria P.
  • TOWN HALL/PANEL: Future of Computation - Needs and Trends – Peter Couvares

Wednesday (3/25)

  • Accelerating Workflows at NERSC with HTCondor – Nick Tyler
  • Bringing Your Own Capacity from XSEDE – Todd Miller and Matyas Selmeci
  • Google Cloud Roadmap for HTCondor – Tom Downes
  • How Many Eggs Can You Fit In One Nest? Dynamically Shaping HTC Workflows – Ben Tovar, Doug Thain, and Thanh Son Phung
  • The PATh Forward – Miron Livny
  • The HTC / HTCSS Data Story – Brian Bockelman
  • The Open Science Data Federation – Frank Wurthwein
  • Using HTCSS Adstash to increase goodput – Jason Patton
  • Leveraging Computational Tools for Nuclear Security Research – Arrielle C Opotowsky
  • HTCondor and GIS Working Together – Patrick Claflin
  • Job Wrappers Scripts: Problems and Alternatives – Greg Thain
  • (near) Exascale Radio Astronomy Data Processing – James Robnett
  • UW Researcher Talk
  • OAuth2 HTTP file transfers at IceCube

Thursday (3/26)

Speakers will be announced soon.