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Hartford Life is in the news

February 1, 2005

The Hartford Financial Services Group is doing very well with Condor. See “Grid Computing At Hartford Life” by Tammy J. McInturff in the LOMA newsletter.” Also, see “Analyze This”, by Steve Dwyer, (in Insurance Networking News) mentions the Hartford Financial Services Group’s deployment of Condor. “‘Prior to the grid initiative, we had hit a ceiling with the level of horsepower we could deploy in running calculations through servers and desktops,’ says Severino.” And, in December 2004, see “Mother of Invention ”, by Anthony O’Donnell, (in Insurance & Technology magazine) describes the Hartford Financial Services Group’s deployment and use of Condor. “The [Condor] grid solution ‘is actually more robust,’ [CIO Vittorio Severino] says. ‘The value is, No. 1, it just creates capacity; No. 2, it’s a more stable environment; and then, No. 3, we enjoy the obvious cost savings.’”